Monday, 18 June 2012

Photos and Brooke pupdate - 15 months

This was Max trying to pretend he hadn't been asleep as I walked up the field to catch him!! I love the look on his face - proper just got out of bed look!!

I finally got a photo of Brooke doing 'froggy legs' she does it all the time and we have started to put it on command. I also have a video of her doing froggy legs on my YouTube channel.

This was Brooke and Brodie on a walk today with their mate Jess, the sun was out and it was just lovely to be outside and stay dry :)

Below is a picture of Toad fresh from his bath. My friend Jenni  is a groomer and my shelties adore her! He looks lovely and fluffy and is sporting a smart bow - Brookes turn next as Brax got done last month.

Below is Brodie and Brax on the field, Brooke didn't want to pose for a picture so I took one of the professionals who will sit and pose for ages bless them!

Anyway, enough photos! I can't believe that Princess Brooke is 15 months tomorrow. She is training a couple of times a week with Matthew and I pop her through the weaves another couple of times a week just to get the idea in her head. She is a real worker, tries so hard and is soooo easy to motivate - just a dream to train :) I'm sure we'll have wobbles with her but its all part of learning. She had a lesson with Dan last week as its great to have someone 'outside the box' to highlight things that we need to work on. Homework includes building value for tunnels, front crosses and getting her upright weaving before next lesson (next week). Happy to say unlike school days, we are loving our homework! Its amazing what you can achieve by doing a little bit often and I wonder how we ever managed to get Brodie and Brax trained by only doing a class once a week. I took a video of her full height A Frame and weaves.

I mentioned last time about running someone else's dog and I did my first training session with her at the weekend. I have trained her and her owner  for a while but when offered the chance to train and compete her and I wasn't going to say no! Dolly is a chocolate Working Cocker Spaniel who is coming up 2 years old and she is just lovely!! She has a good grasp of the basics except weaves (work in progress!) and I'm hoping to get her out at some UKA shows to do NFC this year and hopefully KC eventually. Her and Brooke may be starting in Grade 3 at the same time with any luck :) At the moment my timing is all out but we'll get there! Here is a little clip of our first session together.

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  1. WOW! Brooke looked amazing. She is so fast, I think Matt has to run very fast :)

    Can't picture you running a non Sheltie LOL She looks fun, can't wait to meet her.

    Love the picture of Max!