Sunday, 24 June 2012

Brooke agility in slow mo

I've finally managed to work out how to get video's in slow motion-yay!! I'm what my sister would call a techo numpty :)  I posted this video on Facebook at full speed but I just love watching her striding over the first three obstacles in slow motion. It also shows how much she has benefited from gridwork as a young dog.

Brax didn't do any as a youngster and isn't that confident about her striding, she used to have a lot of poles when she started competing. As a consequence, I did a bit with Brodie after he started training (at a year) mainly as it was something we always did with young horses and I felt that he should after Brax's issues. The real eye-opener was going to Gemma Hanekoms brilliant gridwork training day with Brax a few years ago. She really highlighted good and bad jumping styles and how if a dog was confident in its striding then it would take strides out therefore saving half seconds all over a course. I now use the video as a tool to check our dogs striding and if necessary do some extra gridwork sessions with them.

We did a UKA show today and Brodie was a good boy in all three of his classes - he won his gamblers :) The jumping was a fab run and he was really going for it and just ran past the tyre which was the last obstacle. He had got distracted running up the last line and as he was ahead of me there wasn't much I could do - think I need to take up sprint training!! He was fab in the agility and did all the complicated stuff and then I moved too much on a pull through and he back jumped. Bad mummy. I was soooo pleased with him as he was really fast and confident all the way round all his runs. Its the first year he has competed where he hasn't had a 'spook' in the ring at something. I know it sounds silly but its a massive step forward for us :-D

It was VERY scary to realise that Brooke can compete the next time we are at a show!! Watch this space :)

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  1. WOW! The Slow motion video is amazing to watch the different of a dog that grid work or not! Mmmm ... auntie Rhoda, can Sonic puppy come and train with you :)

    Well done Brodie. Everytime I saw him, he was FLYING!