Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Nervous and excited!

The World Agility Open Championships are this weekend! Good Luck to the England Team including little Brax who has just been traumatised by having a bath to tidy her up a bit :) Brodie and I are going along as groom and fan club, I'm sure we'll be busy! I'm looking forward to seeing all the amazing dogs and handlers from around the world. I will video Brax's runs and put them on my website (address left)

Brodie and I had fun yesterday going for a nice walk with Megan and Hattie. We took them down to the river and Brodie had a great time - he is such a water baby!

Brodie and I did our first Champ class at the weekend at Beacon and got eliminated in both rounds - we had fun though!! The courses Lee Gibson set were amazing and we managed some of the tricky bits well so I was really pleased with my wee man! He did a lovely run in the C6-7 Crufts singles and finished about 15th out of 80 odd which I was pleased with as there were so many fast mediums there :D

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