Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Introducing Brooke!!

After the World Agility Open Champs we picked up little Brooke, the newest addition to the Burdett household. She is absolutely lovely and has settled in so well making herself at home straight away! Brodie and Brax spent yesterday with her before we took her home and they are being really good with her. Brooke was bred by Lian Knight and she is keeping Brookes brother Sonic. Its so nice that they will get to see lots of each other :)

This is Brooke just after we arrived home

Her posh name is Licosateria Mai Rising Star and we already think she is a little star :) She has been really well socialised and takes everything in her stride - thanks to Lian for letting us have such a gorgeous girly!!

Matthew and the girls last night (yes he is sitting in a dog bed!!)

Getting sleepy watching the world go by!


  1. Brooke is so adorable! So glad that she has settled down so soon and so well!

  2. Ooooh! My baby, we are missing her terribly here! Can't wait to see her on the weekend. Lots of kisses from Sonic xxx

  3. Awwww bless she is gorgeous! nice that she will be able to meet up with bro! Have loads of fun with her :)