Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Brax back into training :)

Vet has given us the all clear and Brax is fit and raring to go again!! We have started doing bits with her in the house and building up the walking again. Here are a few videos of her doing the different types of exercises was have been practising in preparation for the WAO champs which are only next week - arrgghh!!!

Gridwork (progressive bounce grid)

Balance work - exercises on her wobble cushion. Turn the sound down as I get giggles at her half way through!

Contact work to reinforce her final postion.

Here is a photo that Matthew took of Brooke puppy during his visit at the weekend - not long to go now! Isn't she just beautiful?! She already tugs like crazy and loves her toys :)

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  1. Good to hear Bracken is feeling better! Was that a wee wink on the wobble board LOL Clever girlie! Brooke is gorgeous :)