Thursday, 7 April 2011

Team Training & Mothers Day

We went to the last team training session on Saturday before the WAO champs. It was a really productive session and Brax really enjoyed herself. She is definitely solar powered as the hotter it is the happier she is and the faster she goes! Her contacts were good and the one thing she really struggled with was a hard weave entry out of a straight tunnel. (Homework!) The team also got their team kit so here is a sneak preview of Brax in her fab coat!

Sunday and Monday I spent with my Mum and sister Amy up in Aberdeenshire (don't get me started on Easyjet though - grrrr!) I had a great time and was totally spoilt :) Its hard when your family are a long way away but you appreciate time spent with them even more. I saw Amy's new workshop (she is a saddler), ate far too much, had lots of dog walks and we also played some crazy golf in Aberdeen! Here are a few pics
Tresca and her toy

Crazy Golf!

Visit to Tolquhon castle - site of childhood hide and seek!!

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  1. Bracken is lovely in her coat! That is really nice supplying a team coat :) Nice to hear you had a lovely time up North! Hope to see you at a scottish show sometime :)