Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wallingford video and Well Dones!!

This is Brodie's run in the C6-7 agility at Wallingford where he came 4th. I'm really pleased about how he did as it wasn't a course where there was an advantage to having a running contact. The jumps following both the A frame and dog walk were on at least 180 degree turns. I know that Brodie tends to be striding higher on the contact than I would like if there is a turn (obvious in this video!) so that is something I need to work on. I probably turned him a bit tight as I didn't want him to go straight on over the jump after the dog walk! Brodies seesaw was fab though and this is something I've done a lot of work on over the winter. He was a bit slow to the tunnel but the queue was directly behind it and he is never very brave running towards dogs.

We were at Bretford show on Sunday - more about this in another post but some major congrats are in order! Well done to Jane and sheltie Robbie for winning his jumping by an amazing 10 seconds! Also massive well done to Jackie and George who won into Grade 3!

Congrats to Paul and Maria and their lovely Beagle Chester who is destined for great things! After only two KC shows he already has three jumping and an agility win!! Going Grade 2 in style :) One of them was a C1-3 jumping! They have done such a fab job with Chester and are a real pleasure to teach. All their hard work is paying off - Chester is loving his agility to the point that he howls on his contacts!!

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