Monday, 11 April 2011

Puppy Hugs and Sheltie Gathering!!

Matthew,me and the shelties had a fab day yesterday! The weather was glorious and more like mid summer than early April :) We went to see Lian, Colin and all their lovely Shelties, including 3 week old puppies, awwwww!!! We were spolit with a lovely breakfast, lots of puppy hugs and a brilliant walk on the common. I think that Brodie would happily have stayed in the water all day, hehe! Lian took some fantastic pics of the seven shelties (see her blog) out walking, including some great action shots.

The puppies are just adorable and we had so much fun watching them. They have so much to explore in their play pen and are getting quite speedy now! Brodie and Brax didn't seem to notice them really. Uncle Saturn is really sweet as he likes to see where they are! Here are a few pics
Matthew, Samber and wee girly

Tired Puppies!

Happy Brodie

Brax combining sunbathing and puppy-sitting!

Asleep after tummy tickles!!

Out on the Common (aren't Brodie and Sizzle similar?! Brodie is closer!)

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