Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Back to work...and shows!

Look how beautiful these two are!! 💚💙 we had a lovely few days off work together and for a change the weather was nice so we enjoyed some long walks in the spring sunshine!

Bru also got his rosette for comping 3rd in an online hoopers competition! His hoopers and distance work has really helped his agility 💛

Unfortunately poor Brooke has had a sad tale to tell...or should that be tail? Its a long story but she we noticed she must have been chewing on her tail when we weren't watching her and she had made it red raw. The vets gave us antibiotics but inevitably we knew that she was going to need a partial tail amputation as the tip had gone black 😢 The scary thing is that the vet thought it had been caused by some hair wrapped round the tail bone cutting off the circulation! The operation went well and she has been a model patient as usual!

Windswept walkies!! 

Some of our tomato seedlings have been moved to bigger pots, four varieties this year!! 

Less windy sunny walk! 

Brookes tail bandaged up

I started work on the 29th March and it was so nice to be back, the bonus was that the weather has been beautiful! 

This weekend Bru actually competed at a couple of shows!! Even the roadtrip was fun!! 

These two did me proud at their first Grade 3 show by winning a jumping and an agility! It was a 1-3 show so the older dogs couldn't compete but it was so well organised and it was nice that I could watch from a distance. 

The bonus of Covid shows is that as the turnaround is really quick we were home by midday for a cuppa in the garden!!

And to top off his KC show results Bru went and qualified for the UKA Dogeria Challenge at UKA so is off to the Grand Finals in October!!! I didn't get to go and watch but saw the course plans online in the morning and thought they looked lovely.

Bru also got his Hoopers Stars Level 1 award which is an online set of exercises that you film and submit in your own time. Brooke had one more to do when her tail issue cropped up! The rosette is gorgeous!! 

I have been continuing to do jump work in the garden with them and got some cool stills from videos

And having a training session with Spark, good to test the skills in bigger spaces!! 

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