Monday, 3 May 2021

Bru goes Grade 4 and I need a huge catch up!!

Easter weekend we went to UKA and ran Bru and Spark, they were both brilliant and won a couple of classes! SPark even managed to watch some of the dogs running calmly! 

This was Brus winning jumping run!

And Sparks winning agility run! 

So pleased with how they did as four runs without going back to the car is a big ask for their mental stamina! Brooke was very annoyed that she wasn't allowed to run at this show due to her tail still healing up.

My friend got me some mushrooms that you can grow at home from coffee grounds and they were totally fascinating! I couldn't believe how fast they grew!! πŸ˜±πŸ„ They tasted lovely too! 

The gingers got their hoopers rosettes from the last show and also their Level 1 Hooperstars awards which are so pretty!! 

And Mr Toad got his amazing Hoopers Senior League runner up rosette from Kelluki Hoopers shows last year!! I'm sad to say this is his last sofa photo as he is now retired but it is certainly one to treasure ❤ The rosette and trophy are so lovely! 

Not to be outdone by her sheltie siblings, Spark won an online Hoopers competition! 

We managed to find some bluebells starting to come out!

Brooke looks like she is the one needing coffee in this photo! Quick cuppa break at work!

So onto the show this weekend, Brodie had the best time flirting! My friends 14 week old puppy is on the right in this pic and he is adorable! 

Brooke bean got to run at this show, first time in the ring for 8 months and she was a bit mad!! Since losing over half her tail we were worried about how it would affect her balance but she has been ok, taken a while to get confident again in weaves but she did some of the fastest dog walks she has ever done yesterday! 

And this little man won two of his classes making his Grade 4!!! He was such a dude πŸ’›

He is good at posing but prefers to spend most evenings like this!! 

Love this photo, can't say why I needed to take a posing photo of them but all will be revealed soon!! It is very difficult to keep it quiet! Suffice to say I'm so very proud of them! 

And this little lady had no clears but I was thrilled with how she worked and that she coped having a photographer close to the ring both days at the show! I'm hoping that they may ave got some good pics of her πŸ’œ Just little faults in most runs but so lovely to be back running with her again

To top off a fun weekend today we played some hoopers with friends and Brooke amazed me with how her skills are coming on, she looks so different running without her tail! I know she missed a hoop in the video but her layering was fabulous!

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