Thursday, 18 March 2021

Stepping up the training!

  In less than two weeks time I will be back at work for the first time since December! I'm sure it will be a shock to my system (and my voice which I could easily lose quite quickly!) But it will be lovely to get back and see everyone and their doglets. Shows have cautiously planned to start at Easter weekend and we have entered a couple of covid compliant shows in April. We have been lucky that we have been able to work on jump fitness/short sequences and weaves in the garden, some gridwork and to keep up the dogs sprint training by doing Hoopers regularly as well so our dogs are probably where they would normally be fitness wise for the early shows. 

Brooke bounce grid a couple of weeks ago 💚

Bru bounce grid 💛

We were disappointed but not completely surprised that our grass seed (sown in Jan) hadn't come to anything after the snow. So I ordered 10 kgs and spent yesterday morning sowing it. For once the weather was kind and it rained as I was doing it followed by the sun coming out! Before the field was out of action again we had a play at the weekend to do some contacts and it was good the dogs haven't forgotten! 

Here is Spark having a play 💜 this was her entire session. I'm really pleased with how she is working!

We have managed to get the veg bed mostly dug over and tidy up the garden a bit with our 'helpers'!

I have also pinched some flowerpots to have another set of numbers!

We have had some long walks recently (except with Brodie who is still generally only doing half an hour twice a day max) Here are a selection of our adventures! 

Duck watching on the village pond!

Out in town for fish and chips!

Moody skies!

Miss Snooty of the Manor!

And some cute sleepy photos! 

And my first attempt at Rocky Road...very good but very sticky! 

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