Thursday, 4 March 2021

Spring has Sprung!

 Here is a little sneaky peak at one of the wonderful photos that Bridget Davey took of the shelties last year! It is stunning ❤ Choosing them was really tricky!

Brooke with a little crocus!

The flowers are coming out nicely in the pots 

And the Daffodils are starting to make an appearance!

And for a change it has been dry over the fields! 

Toad has had a few little issues with being a bit 'leaky' when he sleeps sometimes. He now is the not very impressed owner of some cute pants! 😂

And now he has stopped having mini flare ups he has gone and seen the physio for a sore back, this was him after treatment waiting for Brooke in the van

He has been moving well on his walks since!

Spark and I have gone on a couple of longer walks recently, here are a collection of photos! 

Ordering take away coffee!!

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