Thursday, 21 March 2019

Puppy Reunion, Brooke is 8 and last winter workshop

Last Saturday we went to a Licosateria puppy reunion. It was amazing to see lots of the pups together and go for a walk before playing hoopers and some agility party games! Brooke was also thrilled that there was a litter of 5 week old pups to mother! Here is a video of our day was VERY windy

You can tell by Sparks ears how windy it was!!

Honorary sheltie at lunchtime

Brooke meeting her great nephew!

Brooke and Bru were thrilled with the presents in their party bags from Grandma Lian!!

Poor Toad looks left out bless him!

We were also back to the barn on Monday for the last Nic Garrett workshop for the winter. It has been great to focus on Brooke bean this year and get Bru doing some longer sequences and contacts. Brooke thought it was the best Birthday weekend ever!

 And Birthday girl doing the course 💚💚💚

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