Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Dan workshop and Sheltie AGM

Last week Matt had a rare day off from work and we went up to Lians for a Dan workshop with Spark and Bru. The added bonus was that Brooke got to meet her great nephews and niece who at ten days old were teeny weeny! She just loves babies!! 💕

Here is Bru putting the whole course together, he was amazing doing things he has never done before! 

Spark actually waited pretty well in her crate between goes...despite pulling some great faces!! 

We almost managed to put the whole course together! Just missed one jump but by this point we were both shattered! 

We have had some beautiful warm weather over the last few days, its been about 18 degrees! Bracken approves and has been sunbathing in the garden

The doglets have been overseeing us doing some gardening over the weekend, its nice to be sorting stuff out and planting some seeds.

We had the working section AGM on sunday and Brodie and Brooke did well both getting placed in the rally and agility leagues! Matthew and I have resigned from the committee after ten years (8 years of being treasurer/trophy sec) but will hopefully still be running the sheltie agility show.

Brax standing next to her lovely breeder June, it was lovely to catch up with her! 

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