Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Mum visit and running contact workshop :-)

One of the frosty mornings last week, all wrapped up but the sun actually had some heat to it! 🌞

The shelties were so relaxed once it had thawed out that they had run rolling and lying in the sun!

Brax always keeps her coat on tho as she is a bit skinny!

On Thursday evening my Mum came down to visit for the weekend, we had run exploring a local wood with the boys in the morning

And then we explored Wendover woods with Sparkle before Brax went to have her laser session :-)  We found the gruffalo!

On Saturday we went to Wrest park and took all the dogs round the grounds, it was beautiful there! 

Me and my lovely Mummy!

Rare photo of me, Matthew and the dogs all together! 

On Sunday Bru did a running contacts workshop with Becky Sinclair, he did a couple of straight on runs which were amazing but not filmed and then we worked on soft turns, here is a video of his plank work! 

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