Sunday, 11 November 2018

Sheltie Show

Matt and I love running the sheltie show, its always great fun and we love seeing all the dogs and handlers having a good catch up! This year was no exception, we had bigger entries than the last couple of years and our great judge Phil set some super courses. We are generally so busy running around making sure everything is going smoothly that we don't compete our dogs in much other than pairs. We decided not to enter Bru as despite being 18 months if we hold off until next year he can start in Grade 2 which will be nice 😊 This year we loaned out Bean and Toad to other people except for pairs which I did with them. Brodie ran so well for the judges partner even though he had never met her properly!! He is such a dude! (They went clear but had to run NFC due to the KC rules)

Bean ran for her Auntie Jenni and came 4th in steeplechase!! Super amazing, especially considering she has never run for anyone else in the ring! Jenni also won steeplechase with Bean and Toads boy Squidge and came 2nd in jumping with their best merlie mate Rommy! Such clever shelties ❤

Unfortunately in lesson this week Spark pulled up lame. Luckily our wonderful physio fitted her in straight away and she has torn a tricep muscle. She has to have three weeks off work and lead walks...she is not impressed at all bless her! 

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