Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Bru's first competitive run!

The three younger shelties competed at Pachesham independent show last weekend and wow they did so well! Brooke and Toad did their two runs competitively and we NFC'd two of Bru's runs but decided that the 1-3 steeplechase was so flowing that he could have a go for competition. He was such a clever boy and won it! So this is his very first sofa picture! 💛

Brodie came 2nd in the jumping and Brooke won her jumping! She also came 6th in the agility with a naughty 5f on the dog walk. My winter project is to get good dog walk training done with her and Bru! My Christmas pressi from Matt is a dog walk plank for the garden and I have got him a set of weaves 😂 At least we can do some more training at home that way. Bru's weaves are coming on nicely but he still goes too fast so we are going to do some 2x2's to make hi think more and run less! 

Now its December \I can post a pic of my Christmas cake! It is my first try at this (thanks Mum for the tips...if its half as good as yours I'll be happy!!)

The fleeces are out for some morning walks as well, it has been mild the last week but we woke up to frost today

And our advent calendar was delivered by Matt's Mum, the shelties always like to have a good sniff!

Little Bru is growing into such a handsome man! He won't stand still so this is as close to stacked as we get!

Some random cute pics off my phone!

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