Friday, 12 October 2018

Autumn has arrived

I took Bru and Spark to a local show where we could reward in the ring and they had so much fun! For miss Spark it was about reward contacts and tricky weave entries and for Bru it was just about getting used to sequencing more jumps. I realised we need to work on rear crossing tunnels!!

I love these photos taken by the very talented Hannah Gates!

We ended up not going to a show last weekend as the weather was disgusting but it got better during the week and I was back wearing my shorts to work again so can't complain! We had a very important little visitor staying with us while his Mum was grooming for someone on the GB agility team. Our doglets were thrilled that Squidge came to stay! He was ever so good and fitted in straight away, here are a few pics of his holiday.

With his Mum and Dad!

Our two boys did a demo for a local hospice last week and they loved all the attention! Bru was excellent and enjoyed showing off all of his tricks, Brodie is such a pro at it and I realised that he has been doing demos for 9 years now!!

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