Thursday, 20 September 2018

Dog Swap?

I forgot I had this picture of my Mum with Brax and Toad, all of our doglets adore her coming to visit! Little Brax is feeling better now and putting some weight on :-)

And a family photo with our giant sunflower! The fence behind is 6ft!

At the weekend we went to Lechlade UKA show and Matt tried the Performance Challenge qualifier with Brooke again. She was absolutely off her rocker and landing at a heap at the bottom of the aframe which put him off! I can understand why he finds her hard to run as he worries about her hurting herself and she is ten times more excitable for him and screams her way round a course. So we have decided to dog swap for a few events/classes coming up. Spark runs well for him and Brooke is slightly less excitable for me so we will see what happens. One thing I have wanted to work on is Brookes distance skills as she isn't as reliable as Spark so I feel a winter training plan coming on!! This is Spark playing in the field this week

Miss Sparkle bear was very consistent this weekend and won all three of her classes at Lechlade UKA so she is not far off champ level now! The aim is for her to do Masters next year :-)

Bru got to play in the ring again and was super confident and happy! His weaves are coming on, I managed to get him weaving to a dead toy this week which is progress. He has started aframes as well and I really need to get going with his dw! 

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