Wednesday, 5 September 2018

August Hols!

We went off to Scotland for our holidays and had a lovely time catching up with my family. We did Dundee Champ show on the way north and Brooke made it into the champ final and then was wild!! Spark got faults in the jumping due to a badly times verbal from me causing a refusal and also had some poles so although it wasn't an E in wither round we didn't manage to get into the final. Unfortunately Bracken was unwell for the majority of our holiday which was very worrying and a bit stressful! I have to say thank you to my lovely family for coping so well with five dogs staying!! Thanks to Amy for giving up her bedroom and to my Mum for cleaning up Brackens first ever number 2 accident inside...I'm still mortified!!!

Here are some holiday snaps :-)

Bennachie walk

Venturing north! Brax got a carry on this walk bless her

Family walkies!

Stone stacking :-)

Bru at Brewdog!

Daviot stone circle

Down to Gullane to stay with my Dad, the doglets enjoyed racing around the garden!

Up Trapain Law

Brodie waiting for the gulls!

 Down to Wilton champ show and met up with the Licosateria family! From l-r Bru, his full brother from a previous litter Sirius, their Dad Sonic and his sister Brooke. Typical Bru having his tongue out!

And a pic of Miss Brax and her ladybird as she is cute!

Wilton champ went well, Brooke was awesome as despite having faults in the rounds she made it thru to the final and finished 6th despite a spin into the weaves! 

Sparkle bear was awesome in the champ agility round but we couldn't get it together in the jumping! She won the agility, woohooo!! We are yet to make a champ final so this is next years goal!

Next time I will do a run down of what all the dogs are doing agility wise as this post is getting a bit long already!!

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