Thursday, 26 July 2018

Hottest summer ever!

So after my last blog update being about wet weather and shows being cancelled, believe it or not but we are now in the longest heatwave I can remember in my life time! I literally haven't worn anything other than shorts for six weeks now, I have the worst tan lines ever and haven't taught in an afternoon for weeks as its been 28 degrees plus and today is currently 32 degrees!!! As a result the dogs are struggling with getting enough exercise, have hardly had any training and we have missed some shows as its been too hot.

Our garden is looking a bit dried out and brown! We have been watering our veg and so far have successfully grown runner beans, courgettes, peas, beetroot, raddish, lettuce and spinach beet. We should hopefully have some potatoes, tomatoes and carrots too!

The pots have been pretty too but any photo is improved by adding shelties!

Bru and Auntie Brooke on a rare cooler morning in St Albans!

If only my feet were as brown as my legs!!!

Beginning of July I managed to see my family which was lovely! My Mum and sis came down and Amy and I went to Harry Potter studio Tour which was great fun!! We spent the morning at Woodside farm, this is my Mum making friends with a llama! 

Amy and Wizard chess!! 

Sister selfie!

Diagon alley :-)

We then went onto the Hyde in Worcestershire for a reunion with my Dad's side of the family. My Aunt and Uncle having breakfast outside!

Dad, Amy and Ruth

While we were away for the weekend Matt went to agility with the doglets, someone managed to snap a pic of the camera shy collie! 

Shows wise we haven't done very well generally! We have been doing champs and Spark and I have been E'd in every one 😂 at non champ shows she has been great and won classes so I think its my nerves playing a part. This was our champ agility at Axstane and it was just one little thing! 

Matt has had similar luck but for him it seems to be refusals, particularly on tunnels. Brooke is a monkey as she is good in training! We are going to try some dog swapping to see if it makes a difference. This was Brooke in the Olympia qualifier on Sunday at Chipping Norton, soooo close! Even with her whoopsie time wise she was 6th and 5th qualified so she would have been joining her son Squidge in the Olympia semis...clever little ginger boy!! 

Bru has been coming on well and loving the teeny bits of agility he has done. He started weaves before it got too hard to get them in the ground!! And he has done a couple of workshops with Amanda and Dan which he loved. 

Brax and Toad are doing well, Toad is the most consistent of our agility dogs by a mile and he seems to be coping really well with the heat! 

Brax is managing ok and still is loving snuggling up in the biggest bed in the house!!!

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