Thursday, 17 May 2018

Brus dog walks and champs

I don't really want to be updating my blog, its been a horrid week in so many ways and I really don't want to have to say anything about it so I will focus on the positives. Starting on a little negative however in that Spark came into season a month early which means that she missed Vyne and Beacon champ classes. Hatton Rally was cancelled cos of the rubbish weather so at least she didn't miss out on that at least!

Brooke has had a case of 5 fault-itis in three out of four of her champ runs over the two shows. One of the 5's was a mystery as we had no idea what she did wrong and it was a beautiful run!

And in both of her runs at Beacon she ran past a tunnel!

Brodie was awesome at Beacon and qualified again in 2nd place for the LHO steeplechase qualifier! He loves the fast flowing courses :-) He had a lovely jumping run at Vyne as well but was out of the places

And little Bru has been a superstar, he had a go at Hoopers at Vyne show and worked so well!

Bru has also had his first time doing mat work on a dog walk plank, he is really working it out nicely

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