Friday, 23 February 2018

Brodie turns 11, Bru 9 months and wow is it cold!

So since moving house we have been up to our eyeballs sorting stuff out! Working has been very sporadic as the weather has had it in for me this year it seems. Training the dogs has been a struggle, I have so far had two lessons this year and was despairing of ever getting ready for the show season and so I booked a lesson with Amanda Pigg. I worked Spark and Bru and they were brilliant! It was so nice to get back to doing stuff! This is Bru's longest sequence to date, he is almost 10 months old and loving his agility <3 p="">

Bru would like to point out that gingerbread pj's are cool!

We have been trying to keep the doglets fit and doing bits when we can. We went to Paws at Play a couple of weeks ago and rewarded contacts and weaves in the ring and did Kelluki last weekend. Brooke won a couple of jumping classes and Brodie came 2nd in one! Spark managed to tumble over a jump and is off work after having physio this week. Luckily nothing serious and despite rolling, geting 10f and wasting over ten seconds she came third!! 

The other news is that my beautiful, cuddly perfect boy is 11 now. How lucky was I when he came into my life?! He has been the most perfect wonderful dog and I love him so much! 

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