Monday, 22 January 2018

January wash out :-(

I can't remember January ever being so disgusting before, it hasn't stopped raining for what feels like weeks and its been impossible to work much. The dogs have been filthy on their walks and I've given in and ordered Toad a fleece onesie! This is Brax and Brooke in my agility field with a river running through it. Brax actually is that white, its not just the photo! It is almost a year since her kidney failure diagnosis and she is doing so well.

In the meantime to prevent muddy tummy and legs Toad has been wearing Brookes Captain Kirk jumper, he looks so funny! The boys aren't bothered about getting wet at all! 

And Miss Sparkle is a bit of a bog monster for a pink princess!

The only one not snuggling is Toad, he gets too hot!

An rare picture of some blue sky!!

Have you seen my big boy teeths?!

Matt doing some balance work with Brooke, all the shelties wanted a go!

We managed to get to a couple of shows recently, Spark and I went yesterday and she came 2nd in C4-7 agility with a held seesaw and also did a perfect running dog walk! 

And these two beautifuls had great time at Paws at Play both getting placed in jumping and Brooke and Spark got to NFC some agility :-) 

Here is a video of Brooke on a training day recently

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