Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My best boy is 10 this week!!

This dog is truly my dog in a million! He melts my heart and is my little shadow, my first 'proper' agility dog who has taken me from Grade 1 up to Grade 7 and on some amazing adventures along the way! He can turn his paw to anything and has won in the show ring, at obedience, rally (when his daft Mum can get it right!) and of course at agility. At the bottom of this post is a video of him having fun this week, still loving his agility going into double figures :-) Love my Mr Toad to bits!! Happy Birthday for Friday handsome boy xx

Bracken is very put out that the weather has got colder again. She is spending lots of time wearing what is known as 'her old lady jumper'! 

Brooke Bean is having a very exciting week! She got to play at Grandma Lians wonderful indoor agility barn (see video below) and then shared a Dan lesson on Tuesday.

She also went to our local ESSC meeting at the weekend with Brodie and loved doing some rally work and balance games. Here is Matthew and Brooke playing wobble cushions!

This munchkin had fun at Lians on Monday and we got to practice our stopped dog walk in a new place. I tried to run the course with a running contact but failed (I'm crap at running on sand!) so then tried the stop. Video below shows the run first and then the stop. Spark was a bit offish and has started her season so is now on her agility holidays for a month. We will keep going with lots of fitness work in the meantime!

All three dogs having fun! Toad ran the whole course and the others just did bits :-) Here are the highlights!

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