Monday, 20 February 2017

Hoopers fun and spaniel training!

I borrowed Dino for a Sian Illingworth workshop last week, he was brilliant as it was a new venue with new dogs but he worked really nicely and just got on with it! He still jumps flat in a straight line so that is something we need to work on but loads of time yet :-)  Think he will be much in demand by his flyball team!

I managed to have a play with Dolly for the first time in ages! She was really keen and did super jump and weave work, shame she seems to have forgotten what stopping on a contact is!! We have a show in a couple of weeks time so I'm going to steal her for lesson tomorrow and hope that we can do some dog walks! Matt took this lovely picture of her working :-)

And my super hubby has made me ten Hoopers to practice with! Brooke is off on another Hoopers workshop this weekend, really looking forward to it and her boy Squidge is having a go as well. Its such a new sport here but really will take off I hope. Toad had his first go and loved it! 

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