Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Adams and a heatwave!

My two doglets and I went to Adams on Saturday. Matt was supposed to be running Brax but had taken one look at the weather forecast and decided not to go. As it turns out apart from a little shower in the morning it was lovely! Sparkle worked amazingly, winning two jumping classes and qualifying for a finals (this weekend so not going as haven't entered show!) She had only 5f in her agility run on the sodding aframe...the rest of it was perfect! So Aframe homework for us. She has always shortened her stride coming over the top since she banged her stifles so think its a matter of confidence. I need to retrain it over winter so she gets deeper hits. Her dog walk and seesaw were stunning and she was perfect in her weaves in all of her runs :-) 

We had a nice time at Matts mums in the garden on Sunday, my two 'helped' watering the plants and the gingers were very happy sunbathing. What a gorgeous trio!

Meanwhile someone had too much fun with the hose...

It has been really hot over the last couple of days so have been doing early walkies and just hanging out in the field during the day. These two are quite weird haha!

Up to 30 degrees today so the pool was the place to be :-) 

Sadly Brookes Hoopers workshop has been cancelled as there wasn't enough interest. I will look around for another workshop she can do, even if it is agility puppy foundation stuff! 

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