Friday, 15 April 2016

A mixed bag!

So far the start of April has been a bit up and down. We had the ESSC Rally training day on the 2nd April and I took Toad and Brooke bean. Brooke thought it was an amazing day out seeing all the shelties especially her friend Rommy and son Squidge! She managed quite a lot of the exercises in the morning including some lovely trot work. Here is a short video of her doing some heelwork :-D

Toad as usual was a superstar! He worked on some of the harder Level 5 exercises including a retrieve and a angled recall over a jump (that apparently doesn't look like a jump as Toad struggled with this!) We are looking forward to doing some more Level 3 competitions this year. This was him in his crate at the workshop...Toad in the hole!! 

Brax and Spark missed out on the workshop so they had a nice fields walk instead.

The weather has been improving so I have been able to do more teaching. The dogs love joining me in the field and we can usually fit in some balance work which they love!  

I had Brodie and Brooke booked in to see our lovely physio on Friday for a routine check over. Luckily Brodie only had one tight spot and the great news is that Brooke is now allowed to do 30 mins walk three times a day! a couple of weeks time she is allowed to go off her lead and do a couple of recalls Exciting but very scary!! *gulp*

 Spark had her usual Dan lesson on Tuesday and I wasn't 100% happy with how she was working. She had a couple of poles and some unusually wide turns and when I watched the video back in slow motion I could see she was dropping a hind leg a bit over her jumps. Nothing hideous but just not right...glad I am a paranoid owner as when the physio checked her over she found a wonky pelvis, sore back and torn hamstring. I felt like such a bad mummy :-( Spark loves to work bless her and doesn't give much away when she is sore. She is on lead walks, bio-mag therapy twice a day and stretches.

So at the weekend the only dog that could play agility in the field was Brax!! She took full advantage of being an only dog and even stole Sparkles toy to play with :-D

 I love this pic of Mr and Mrs! Toad had been snuffling in long grass!

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