Friday, 22 May 2015

Workshop week

I have had a bit of a manic week this week! For some reason I had booked workshops on Tuesday with Laura Chudleigh and Thursday with Dan. As it turns out Brodie worked in the Tuesday one and Spark (who had the all clear from the physio on Wed) worked in the Thursday one. My little boy did me proud and worked nicely despite me panicking a bit about him not doing all the euro turns. Like all workshops there was definitely things to take away and practice from it-one being that I needed to cue my pivots more with a bit of off arm as I am lazy and know that Toad turns tight anyway! Here is a video of his workshop

Miss Sparkle had a great time yesterday and got to put weaves in a course which she hasn't done on a workshop before. It was so obvious that she felt better as she didn't take any poles and got her weaves every time bar once when I said something silly! I asked a friend to film her last run where we put all the elements of the course together and she got it right. Being picky she was a bit wide on the left turn on the third jump but I should have hung back and nagged more!

We are still not seeing a vast improvement in Brooke bean, she is being a good patient (most of the time!) but is lame particularly after exercise. It must be so frustrating for Matthew-not sure I'd cope as well as him as it is frustrating enough looking after her on a daily basis and not letting her do the one thing she loves most which is running :-( Generally a bit fed up at the moment. We both seem to have encountered more than our fair share of rudeness and 'yes...but' people this week. Hopefully some changes are in the pipeline...

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