Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Where did six weeks go?!

Puppies are six weeks old today and are just the most handsome little boys! I have never appreciated before how young pups can be to pick up tricks and life skills. They all sit for their meals and know it on a verbal command, they have done downs, collar grabs, tiny bits of nose touches and putting their front feet on different objects. Last night I was doing sits using a tuggy toy as a reward and they loved that! They will also do toy swaps, working their way from a fairly dull toy to a very exciting one. Their new owners are going to have so much fun with them :-)

Here are selfies of the handsome trio!

Squidges new owner and her very talented Mum visited yesterday and Squidge tried on his first coat (he hasn't got anywhere near as much hair as the tris) How cute is he?! He is now all ready for show season :-)

They are getting used to wearing their harnesses-we even managed a sit for a group picture. Its only black and white as my phone flash was playing up and turned them pink!! Dont be taken in by their innocent little faces...

Sometimes if they are naughty we send Brax in to keep an eye on things!!

Mummy Brooke bean looks a bit naked but in good shape :-) 

Chilling out on the sofa away from their kids!!

Miss Sparkly is in season and feeling a bit sorry for herself. She likes nothing better than coming in from her walk and snuggling up on my lap watching the puppies. Good thing she isn't a big collie! 

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