Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Some important visitors!

Over the past two weeks our puppies have been lucky enough to meet two very important people to me - my lovely Mum and sister Amy have both flown down from Scotland to see them, help me out and have and good catch up! Living so far away is hard but it makes time together so special and we enjoyed watching the pups antics.

This is my Mum and Squidge out for coffee!

Amy took some lovely photos of the pups (now 7 weeks old)

My mother in law Wendy and Amy getting Bracken and Sparkled on the sofa!! 

Amy took some amazing photos of the boys, I would be hard pushed to choose a selection but here goes!

Adult shelties posing :-)

Mummy, Daddy and Blaze (who was a bit confused!)

Brooke and Blaze

 I like this one of Maverick and his Mum and Dad-Brodie and Brooke look like they are having a chat!

Brooke and Maverick (excuse the milky dribbles!)

Mummy, Daddy and Squidge

I love this one-Brooke is teaching him bad manners!!  (He looks embarrassed by his Mum!)

Amy also got some lovely ones of the boys in the garden, again too many lovely ones to chose from! 

Told you Squidge was learning naughty things from his Mum!!

Amy was also brilliant at helping Sparkle overcome her minor panic about having her photo taken with big cameras!! 

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