Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Beanie babies 5 weeks old and Brodie 8 years old!

It has been a week of new things! The pups have been in the garden for the first time, have had lambs ears to chew on, have an open crate to sleep in and have had a trip out in the car! They take everything in their stride and are doing well weaning onto kibble. They have been learning simple tricks with the aid of primula as a reward!

Out in the car for the first time!

Blaze sleeping on Auntie Sparkle! :-) 

It was Brodies 8th Birthday yesterday!! He really is my dog in a million, he is such a dude! I love him to bits and just when last year couldn't get any better with him working so well in agility (getting an RCC at his only champ show!) he topped the year off by making three beautiful baby boys!! Here are some of my favourite photos of my special boy. 

Happy goofy little dude! :-D 

Brodie and his wife!

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