Monday, 16 June 2014

Axstane and Heat Wave!

It has been so hot here this week that even sun loving Brax has been diving for the nearest bit of shade!!

Once the paddling pool was out there was no stopping my two goofy water babies from getting in it!

Diva turned 2 this weekend as well-don't know where the time has gone! She is a very pretty girly and maturing nicely :)

Poor Brodie has a tear in his hamstring and a sore back as a result :( he has been heat packed and stretched and hopefully will be on the mend soon. He enjoys all the extra fuss though!

At Axstane show yesterday little Brax got a clear round in champ agility and unfortunately was too quick for Matt in the jumping round and got eliminiated! Here she is in champ agility though

And Brooke worked her socks off in her three classes! She came out of the weaves in her jumping from going too fast, missed the last jump in the tunnels and jumping from going to fast (sense a pattern!) but managed to win her G5 agility! That means one more win to go and she is G6 :)

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  1. It is that time of the month again, indeed. And an enervating one at that. I mean, if that's the condition at the field, what more indoors? Hope you've got A/Cs in place to beat back this persistent and all-consuming heat.

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp