Friday, 14 February 2014

Rain, rain go away...

We have had so much rain for months now, it does make everything take twice as long! Fortunately my field was fine after a whole day of teaching yesterday but I have had to cancel classes today due to constant rain. I'm excited about next week as it involves a visit to the dog barn to train some of my competing people and their doglets! I am also very lucky in that my friend Helen (who owns Sparkles boyfriend Trek) has an indoor venue and we try and have a training session there once a week. I have taken Dolly dog as well as mine and she is coming on really well with her weaves despite not having done much training at all over winter.

Here is a little video of her-I love her floppy spaniel ears in the weaves!

The big news is that Jenni and Rommy have qualified for Crufts!! They will be taking part in the YKC Senior Jumping so we are all looking forward to cheering them on! :D Jenni and I went to Leamington so she could run him on their Crufts carpet to see how he ran. He coped really well with it and it was lovely to be inside out of the rain!

Over the next few weeks the doglets are going to be busy. Sparkle has workshops with Toni Dawkins and Natasha Wise as well as her weekly lesson with Uncle Dan. I'm dreading her coming into season as she hasn't had one yet and is bound to soon. I will hopefully take a understudy in the form of Dolly to all these agility parties instead if she does decide to have bad timing! The shelties are all doing fun ESSC related things for the next couple of weekends before the show season starts. All I can say is-roll on Spring!! :)

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  1. yip the rain is a real pain:( totally agree just roll on spring :)