Monday, 13 January 2014

Puppies on hold...

Brooke has decided to come into season finally after being poorly over Christmas. Unfortunately it is too late for puppies this time as they would be here while we are in Holland competing. Anyway, our puppy owners to be have been very understanding so fingers crossed for Autumn beanie babies! Toad is being a very good boy at the moment but will heading off for a couple of nights sleep over at Auntie Jenni's house next weekend. He'll have great fun I'm sure :)

The shelties saw a squirrel, or possibly two as Brooke is looking in a different tree! I have moved my equipment to the other side of the field I rent as it has been so muddy recently. There are chickens wandering around in the trees which provided a lot of entertainment for Brodie!

Sparkle is upset as her favourite Octopus toy got binned this week due to his innards falling out! Last play with 'Octo'-happy face!

And all sad as Octo was not there the next morning...

We haven't started our agility training in earnest again as I was so busy last week but this week hoping to do some gridwork with the doglets and borrow Dolly to start her back training again. Hopefully I can get some videos with any luck!


  1. Oh it must be in the genetics as Ellie loves chasing birds! Oh Sparkle mum will need to get you another one!

  2. Yes SIzzle does it too :) I will have to give in and get a new octopus-she keeps standing and staring at the bin!!

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