Monday, 25 November 2013

Fun sheltie gathering!

On Saturday, Lian, Roz and Jo came to the field for a get together and to run some steeplechase courses with Brooke, Sonic and his kids! It was great preparation for Brooke and Sonic particularly as they have the Beginners Steeplechase next weekend at the UKA Finals. It was great to see everyone and two of Sonics puppies Rae and Tula had fun running the course on baby height too. Sparkle also had a go and I was surprised that she got round the whole course without batting an eye or questioning anything :)

Lian took some amazing photos of the shelties working, this is my absolute favourite of Brooke bean on the end of the seesaw - just LOVE it!!

You may notice that she has a new harness on - well Grandma Lian very kindly got it specially made for her for going to the Finals!! Here are the siblings modelling their matching harnesses

Brax and Brodie have been doing a bit of work in preparation for the Masters next weekend. Matthew and the two girlies had a great lesson with Dan yesterday (Matthew was fairly rusty on Saturday and so was Brooke not having done much for a while!) The girls worked really well and absolutely loved their lesson and we have some good homework to get our teeth in to! I forgot video camera for Matts lesson which was a shame.

I took the doglets on Harpenden common for a run this morning-it was bright and chilly, such a lovely morning. Here are a couple of pics

 Ginger blurs!!

Brooke posing again!

Its a hard life being a teenager :)

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