Monday, 5 August 2013

More training...

Last friday we took Brooke to a Natasha Wise training day which we were really lucky to get on due to a cancellation :) Brooke worked well and Matthew had to work blooming hard too on some of the sequences! Like me he really struggles with doing the European blind crosses, I think years of 'don't turn your back on your dog' have been drilled into our brains!! Tasha was lovely and very patient!! Here is a video of Matt and Brooke which includes a blind cross by the tunnel

And another sequence from the training day

Yesterday we went to a FAB show in Oxford so not too far! Brax and Brodie were running in four IFCS qualifying classes. Agility was up first and Brodie was E'd on the third last obstacle as his silly mummy handled like a twit! Brax went storming round and ended up in second place behind Lian and Sizzle (well done guys!!) not bad considering the both Sizzle and the dog in 3rd place have fast running contacts! Lian kindly filmed her run

Neither of ours managed the gamble which was a send out to an A frame but both of them sent away over a couple of jumps which we didn't think they would! Brodie did well in Snooker and Brax was E'd due to Matthew forgetting to call her off the finish jump, lol!

The jumping was a really clever course, lots of handling and turns. Brodie listened well and went clear ending up 2nd. Brax had an unfortunate run past a jump resulting in a refusal but came 3rd. Again thanks to Lian for the video :)

Well done to Lian and Sonic for winning the Grand Prix Final :)

Less said about Brooke at FAB the better...!

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