Monday, 12 August 2013

KC Festival

We went to the KC International Festival on Friday and Saturday. We had Brodie entered in the British Open Cup classes and Brooke in the Novice Cup and some 'normal' classes.

My aim for Brodie was to get two clears if possible, not for the sake of qualifying for the semi final as there were so many amazing dogs entered but just to get as much practice running tricky courses clear! My little midget did me proud and although the jumping round was naggy and messy, the agility run felt nice and we really worked well together - I love that feeling :) I managed the layer and was really pleased that he kept the spread up-in the video you can really see him stretching to get over it!

He didn't get placed in either run but was so pleased at the fact we got round both clear! Well done to Paul and Chester Beagle who also managed two clear runs and unfortunately for them were the highest placed pair not to qualify for the semis. Blooming good going considering that the top 15 was made up of Grade 7 dogs and loads of Agility Champions, Chester was the highest placed Grade 6 by miles :)

Jenni and Rommy also had an amazing weekend! Rommy finished 6th in both the Novice cup jumping and agility and made it through to the Semi final (top four go to Crufts)on the Saturday. It was nail biting stuff watching as there were a lot of dogs getting eliminated and five faults. Helen and Sweep were going so well until Sweep refused the A frame. They did really well to finish 6th. Jenni and Rommy made it all the way round to the dog walk and the Rommy took the wrong jump and got e'd. They did so well though as the arena is packed with spectators and Rommy took it all in his stride for such a young dog. Very proud of them making it through in the first place out of over a hundred dogs!

Here is a photo of Brooke pretty sister Savannah - she is the spitting image of Brooke in tri. She did really well over the weekend getting at least a couple of wins and lots of good placings - mediums watch out!!

 Brooke puppy had some great runs but no clears. She found having her Grandma Lian there quite distracting but did get better on the Saturday. Her agility runs were good on the Saturday, nice quick contacts and much more focused. The lovely judge of C4-5 Agility came out of the ring after Matthews run and said she just had to come and tell him how lovely Brooke was and how it was great how positive he was handling her even when it went wrong. What a fantastic thing for a judge to do - I guess it would annoy me watching loads of people blaming their dogs for their handling mistakes.

Sparkle enjoyed meeting loads of people and watching the action in the main ring!

Here is Brooke and her family! From L-R Brooke, Daddy Sing, Brother Sonic, Older full sister Tig and Mummy Samber. What a lovely family :)

One tired Brooke puppy after two days competing!!

Shelties in the field doing some proprioception work today! Yes Mr Toad does like pink!!

Sparkle baby is off to do her very first demo tomorrow for a local hospice - please let her be more interested in working for me then all the people with cake...!

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  1. Nice run! What a nice thing for the judge to say! Yes, it's always the handler never the dog!