Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Poor puppy :(

My poor Sparkle baby :(  She had a wild fit of the zoomies and ended up colliding with some furniture and came off worse. She was yelping and holding her leg up and although there was nothing obvious I was worried that she had fractured something. She spent yesterday at the vets and was sedated and x-rayed to rule out any breaks. Luckily she is in one piece but has severely sprained her carpal joint (wrist) and is having two days of complete rest followed by two weeks of very short lead walks an being kept quiet (!) After that we have to build her exercise up VERY gradually over a couple of months as the vet wants to make sure that there is no weakness in her joint.

So Dave Munnings training day tomorrow is out :( I'm sad not to be going but pleased that I don't have months of crate rest - it could be worse!! All baby foundation training will be put on hold until she is 100% and she isn't allowed to do her fav tricks of spinning and running backwards. I have ordered a pair of Back on Track carpal supports for her as they are preventative as well as remedial and will give her support when she starts doing more. If anyone has any ideas for entertaining nearly 6 month old puppies that can't do much then I'd be very grateful!! Jenni has already said she'd lend me her Nina Ottosson toy :)

I love this pic of Sparkly - taken by Kevin Hicks at sheltie camp this year


  1. Poor sparkler :( give her a hug from me!

  2. Oh poor Sparkly puppy :( keeping her quiet? Have fun! Lots of interactive toys for her. If you need more, you are more than welcome to borrow mine.

    It's time to teach STAY :) LOL

  3. Thanks guys for your kind comments - hugs have been passed on! Sparkle is becoming well acquainted with interactive toys and yes Lian her 'wait' is getting excellent!! :)

  4. Awwww poor Sparkle :( Hope she is doing OK. I'm sure you'll keep her entertained. Big hugs from me and licks from the girls x