Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Agility Club and Sparkle 6 months!

I went to the Agility Club show with Jenni on Saturday as she was running in the Starters Challenge Finals!! It was lovely to be able to go and support her as it is something of a J9 tradition as Matthew and I were both placed in it years ago, Paul and Chester won it a couple of years ago and Caroline and Bobby have made the large final a couple of times. Rommy was a good boy and came 4th!! I will let Jenni post more about it on her blog-needless to say I was very proud of them! Also taking part was Chantal with Brooke's sister Savannah who looked amazing for a baby and Caroline and Bobby who did a cracking run only to find that there was a mix up and they were E'd.

Brodie had a couple of runs, one for the ESSC team comprising of four sheltie boys, all Grade 6 and 7. They clocked the fastest time but unfortunately had 15 faults so no Crufts this year. Brodie also did a lovely run in Singles but I'm a wally and sent him over a jump the wrong way!!

Lots of agility coming up this week and weekend so watch this space...

Dolly has been staying with us over the weekend-she found it exhausting!!

Sparkle having Matthew cuddles!!

Half birthday girl posing with one of her fav toys :)

Matthew giving the gang bed time sweeties!!

Brooke showing off her froggy legs :)

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