Monday, 4 February 2013

Dave training for Brooke

Brooke went to a Dave Munnings training day yesterday. She had so much fun and despite not having done much recently did well. Dave's training is great and he did some fab foundation exercises that I will definitely be practicing! I did video a few of her runs but they have't come out that well which is a shame. We came away with a list of things to work on which I love!

First jump focus
Wing wraps (the indoor school surface was rubber chips and caused her to slip a couple of times which     meant her and Matt's timing was out)
Tightening up front crosses
Teaching Brooke to check her stride

The massive positives for us were that Brooke bean was on full power for the whole session and wasn't worried about the other dogs (four new dogs) or the environment. She tugged like a demon and tried very hard to get it right. She was taking strides out all over the place - good on a straight line but she needs to do more work on checking her stride. I'm hoping to do some work in the field with her tomorrow. Its such a shame that Matt can't work with her more than he does as she loves her dad so much. She was such a tired girly after training-bless her! She has some exciting training days coming up - Sian Illingworth, Maria Johnstone (TTOUCH) and Natasha Wise. I'll try and get better videos!

Little Brax is still improving physically on her tablets and seems to be growing in new coat. I have clipped her hair shorter on her tummy and legs as she is so low to the ground (and mud!) Her attitude seems to have changed as well! When we went to the field on saturday she screamed going up the drive and she squawked all the way up the drive to Dave's session yesterday! She is desperate to do agility so I will try and do some with her tomorrow as well :)

I took this picture of Brax's other side but it makes me laugh as Brodie is watching a bird in the tree!

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