Monday, 11 February 2013

Brodie's Birthday and playing puppies!!

My handsome little man is 6 years old now - Happy Birthday Brodie pups. He is the bestest boy ever, I love  spending time with him and he can always cheer me up. He is my comfy pair of slippers on an agility course and what an amazing little dog to put up with me as a handler!! He has taken me from Grade 1 to Grade 7   but above all he's my little shadow - always at my feet. Sorry I've just read that back and it sounds cheesy but I can't describe how much I love this little dude. Brodie will have a new chapter to his career this year as he may become a daddy - watch this space..!

I had to post a photo of both neddies - Max because he was clean (rare event!!) and Diva cos she was having a little siesta with Coco standing by. Look - there is even blue sky!!

Yesterday we went to Lians to celebrate Chinese New Year and play with the puppies who are now 5 weeks old. Its a fun age to meet them as they are developing strong little personalities and are quite active. Lian and Colin spoilt us with lots of yummy food (Lian is a very good cook!!) and we even managed successfully to eat with chopsticks! It was really interesting learning about CNY and trying different food while playing puppies and having a good catch up.

These are a bit blurry as puppies don't pose very well yet! This is grandad Sing (Brookes dad) and three of the puppies. Its great that they have so much to climb on and different surfaces to walk across - I'm sure thats why nothing fazes Brooke in agility!

This is Rae about to pounce on a hoof! She is a very bold girly who will be quite dark shaded sable like her auntie Brooke. She was very playful and couldn't keep still for long!

 This is Isla playing tug with Matthew (and Rae washing her bum in the background!) Isla reminded Matthew and I of our little Bracken as a puppy. I'm sure Isla will end up bigger than Brax tho! She really came out of herself over the course of the day and has a sparky little attitude :)

It was all too much having visitors! This is beautiful mummy Sunny and Storm asleep on the wobble cushion. He is the biggest boldest pup and boy can he tug!!

I'm afraid I didn't get any decent pics of Spirit (the other boy) this is the best one!! He has a white nose and is very handsome. He isn't as bolshy as Storm but LOVED cuddles and tugging Matthews hair!

Whoever ends up with these puppies are very lucky people!! If they are anything like their auntie Brooke they will give you masses of fun and cuddles :)

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  1. Happy B'Day Brodie! You described him too a tea (a Blenmerrow thing) Ellie is the same :)Awww puppies what a fab day!