Monday, 28 January 2013

Yay snow has gone!

Finally we are snow-less again! I have just walked the shelties to the field for a run around as I haven't been there for two weeks and I wanted to check the state of it. Its only a 20 min walk which gives the doglets a nice warm up before running around. I didn't do anything today except play and take some pics. Here are the three posers trying to avoid sitting in the mud! It makes me laugh as Brooke always looks like a giant in photos and she really isn't - she just sits up so straight and has a long neck!! Talking of size, Dolly and Jenni's Rommy got measured on saturday and are both medium-yay!!

We went to our sheltie committee meeting on sunday - I'm sorting out claim forms for the annual performance trophies so please send me your points as in some cases you don't need many to win a lovely trophy. Please if anyone is a ESSC member and has got placed in G1-2 agility send me points as I have no claims again! Pass the word on to your sheltie friends :) Details are on the working section website.

Lian was at the meeting and gave us a lovely pressi! I have had so much fun creating courses with my mini agility kit! Before I teach I always scribble a plan down on paper but this makes it much easier to move things around-thanks Lian!! (And its in J9 colours!)

After such a busy weekend the shelties are tired...


  1. Good to see you all and I love your banner photo! Please post it on the facebook :) Glad you enjoy playing with your new toy :)

  2. Awww all posh cross-paws :) Enjoy the mud better than the snow (in a way) Didn't realise Dolly was your dog, she's lovely!

  3. Dolly isn't mine but her lovely mum lets me take her for training and shows so I'll be hopefully doing a fair bit with her this year. It'll be fun being in Grade 3 again and it means that Matthew and I can walk courses together (but not compete against each other, hehe!!)

  4. Brax is looking really well in that picture, I'm sure she's hairier :). Yay for our mediums! Does rommy count for the points thing or was there something I should have joined? Lol.. Im always forgetting.