Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bored of snow now...

I think I can safely say that everyone is bored with having snow now-possibly with the exception of the dogs who think its fab!!Agility training has been non existent but at least the dogs are enjoying racing around on the fields.We didn't get to our show last weekend which was a shame but very sensible to postpone given the weather conditions.

Matthew and I have been very good and tried to do some form of proprioception work with each doglet separately every evening. The funniest one is Brax! Brodie and Brooke have done a fair amount in their lives but little Brax is incredibly clumsy and throws herself into everything at high speed. She really hasn't done as much shaping as the other two and gets very cross trying to work out what you want. She will throw all of her tricks at you and then lie down and stare at you! We are training her contact with a new command and the hind leg work has definitely sped her up-she is becoming far more aware of what she is doing. The first video is Brax on the contact trainer. The second video is Bracken doing some box work - excuse the narration! She LOVES to work but needs to calm down and think things through a bit more :)

Quick update for those of you who are not on Facebook and don't get to see all my pics. Little Diva is settling in well and is loving running around with her mates in the snow! Our friend from the yard took some amazing photos of her the other day - here are a couple of my snow baby :)

And I can't miss out Mr Max - here he is having a good roll. Snow is good for keeping grey ponies clean!!

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  1. If you could just keep it down there please! The dogs & horses are loving it! Awww wee Bracken :)