Monday, 2 April 2012

Socialising never stops...

We love taking the dogs new places - they really have to be take anywhere dogs and we never miss an opportunity to take them somewhere new! Brodie and Brax have been all over Britain on trains (including the Tube), walked round the parks in London, gone on boats, on buses, up munroes in Scotland, on beaches, down caves in the Peak District, done demos in local hospices and day centres and in numerous hotels on agility weekends away. We take it for granted that they will cope with any situation and they take everything in their stride and generally they do. Brooke hasn't been on so many adventures yet so if we have a free weekend we do try to do something a bit imaginative with her. She has been doing demos since 11 weeks old so working in a strange place and being applauded is fine with her! and she has gone on three long road trips to Peak district and to visit my Dad in Scotland where she LOVED the beach!!

However, this weekend we stayed closer to home and took all the dogs into Hemel town centre. They often go to St Albans market on a saturday but we thought Hemel would be a bit different. They loved being spoken to by lots of people and especially liked a man on a motorised shopmobility scooter who had been eating a pasty :) This is Brodie looking very serious being a bear!

I practised Brookes downs, waits and 'watch' while Matt was in the shops. She was a little star and nothing phased her, even taking a lift was fine. I love having 'take anywhere' dogs! Today a friend and I had coffee out on Harpenden High Street. I only took Brooke and she had her little Kelpie pup with her - they got lots of attention while learning to sit quietly. Did't take any pics as too busy eating cake!! We also did some jump work in the garden yesterday but I can't load the videos yet - I will try and put them on during the week.

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