Monday, 30 April 2012

Bonny Scotland!

The week running up to my trip to Scotland had been horrible weather wise. It was raining every day and the wind was terrible. Brax was hating going out for walks and poor Brooke had sliced her paw pad running on the fields. It almost impossible to keep a very energetic young puppy lead walking calmly with a bandage, poo bag and sock on her foot! She was a very good girly about her bandage - I think she liked the fact is was pink!

My Mum and sister Amy had awful weather as well up in Aberdeenshire but fortunately it decided to be sunny for the weekend when I visited. On saturday we took a trip on the Keith and Dufftown railway and saw so much wildlife - herons, buzzards, red deer and another bird of prey that we weren't sure about. Tresca (Amy's dog) was a really good girly on the train and enjoyed a walk round Keith. 

This is our local hill Bennachie - it is gorgeous to walk up and stand on the 'Mither Tap' (sharp pointy bit!) We didn't walk up it this time as it would have been muddy but drove past it on the way to an amazing pub meal. We were much entertained by a cat in the beer garden stalking a crow which then turned round and had a go at the cat!

 On sunday we went for a two hour walk round the old part of Aberdeen. Despite growing up in Aberdeenshire and having regular trips into Aberdeen, we didn't get further than the cinema, shops or beach as teenagers! Walking along the side of the river Don we looked down and were watching a heron when the 'boulders' the other side of the river moved - it was about ten seals all sunbathing! You can just about make them out in the photo! The pups were soooo cute rolling around in the sunshine :)

This is the oldest bridge in Aberdeen and was so pretty I couldn't resist a photo.

On our walk, Tresca got thirsty and found a fallen tree to drink out of. For those who don't know her story she was a rescue who my Mum and Amy had a only a few weeks before she got a scare and ran off. They searched forests, buildings and posted flyers all over the place but it was such a hard winter and eventually it was feared the worst had happened. Imagine the surprise when THREE years later, the dog warden turned up at Mum's cottage with Tresca!! As they had her microchipped she was traced back to them after being cornered in a farmers shed. She is amazingly well balanced and they have done a great job training her. She still shows remnants of her life as a stray for three years - she prefers puddles for drinks, wees in running water, rolls in anything and gets very hot in houses! Bless her!!

Thanks to my Mum and Amy for having me to stay - had a brilliant girly weekend and was spoilt rotten!!

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  1. Yes, I bet the Princess is loving the colour pink, however not so much the lead walks. Good to hear you had a lovely time and the weather was kind!

    What an amazing story about Tresca! Just shows microchipping is a must! She has a wonderful TLC family. Just shows how she falls back into the "looking after herself" mode!