Monday, 19 March 2012

Brooke and Sonic - One Year Old!!!

Happy Birthday to princess Brooke and her handsome brother Sonic!! I can't believe that they are already a year old, it only seems like yesterday that we met Brooke at 3 weeks old and they looked like little hamsters! They have grown into such happy bouncy puppies and we are so grateful to Lian for our girly. Also thanks to Lian and Colin for all her lovely pressi's and their Birthday cakes - she has been well and truly spoilt!

Other news is that I went to my first show of the year at AJAXS UKA. Brodie and I had a day out with my friend Jenni and her sheltie Rommy. I was really unsure about how Brodie would run as I have the all clear from the physio but we haven't done any training really all winter and the last time he saw an Aframe was in Sept at a competition!

Bless the boys, Brodie was a little bit wild to say the least!! I only did two runs with him, one agility and one steeplechase and he came 2nd in both, clever boy. We actually got 5f for his dog walk in agility - think I may have said tunnel before he left the dog walk (oops!) but he was FAST which I was pleased about. In fact he was 9 seconds faster than the winner and 4 seconds ahead of 3rd so at least he was enthusiastic! I just LOVE running my boy - he tries so hard :-)

Jenni and Rommy did really well for their second ever show and the first time Rommy has ever run on grass. They came 3rd in the steeplchase and did lovely contacts in nursery agility. Watch out Grade 1 mediums - here comes Rommy!! We had a great day out and really enjoyed seeing people for the first time in ages. Brodie and Rommy are both social butterflies so they had fun too! It was lovely to see Brooke's daddy Sing compete on his 10th birthday in casual agility and win it - I have told Brooke to watch it and take notes!!


  1. Happy Birthday Princess Brooke! Thanks for giving her the best home. I am so happy that she is always happy and bouncy.

    Brodie was happy to be able to run, Bless him! He ran very well.

    Also, glad to have met Rommy, what a handsome boy he is!

  2. Happy B'Day! A year already, I'm sure you would have got truly spoiled :) Good to hear Brodie did well, clever boy :)