Monday, 25 July 2011

UKA Thames and Brooke 18 weeks

We had a fantastic weekend relaxing on the Saturday and going for a nice dog walk and on the Sunday we went to Thames Valley UKA show. Brax and Brodie were on form and they do love the slightly lower jump heights at UKA. Brodie was a wee superstar and won all three of his classes - agility, jumping and steeplechase!! I was so pleased with how he ran and it also qualifies him for the Tug-e-Nuff Performance Challenge at the UKA Grand Finals in December!! Clever sheltie, I'm so proud of him :)

Brax won her jumping class and came third in her Gamblers. Its funny watching the videos as Brodie struggles to find his stride in the wider weave poles but Brax loves them and goes much faster! Here are a couple of videos of each dog. We only took four videos as we kept clashing with each others runs!

Its the first time that Brodie had run on the aluminium equipment and he has a 'moment' on the dog walk and then was fine on the seesaw!

Congratulations to Jane and Robbie and Jackie and George who both won their Steeplechase classes on their first attempts at a higher level!! (Also thanks to both doggies for making friends with Brooke!) Well done to Helen and young Toby who got a 2nd and a 3rd in the agility and jumping :)

Brooke had great fun being out round the rings making friends with lots of dogs. Two dogs that she particularly liked were both blue merle shelties. One was a young merle dog who she really wanted to play with - he was very handsome! This was her after her busy day

I finally managed to video her on her wobble cushion. She is all lanky and leggy at the moment so organising her legs is an issue!! You can see in the video as well that she has suddenly lost all her puppy coat and looks really slinky and smooth.


  1. Oh clever shelties!!! Well done Brodie and Brax, especially Brodie in the Final!!

    Brooke is too cute. Oh, I Know I am bias :)

  2. Clever Shelties & handlers Looks like you had a fab time :)