Monday, 18 July 2011

Rugby and 'In the Box!'

The dogs and I went off to the local hospice to do another demo last week and again I was amazed and so proud of how well they coped, especially little Brooke. She took great delight in showing off her 'In the Box' trick which the patients loved. She also retrieved her little ball from under peoples chairs and that earned her a round of applause! Here is a video taken a couple of weeks ago of her box trick. Since then she has lost loads of puppy fuzz and has some lovely rich coloured adult coat coming through.

We went to Rugby at the weekend and had some nice runs but the weather was awful on the Saturday so no videos! Brax did two clear rounds in the champ but didn't make it into the final, prob due to getting slowed up in the very wet cloth tunnel. The bigger dogs managed to push through slightly easier but it was a shame for the real lightweights! She did some lovely contacts and considering she doesn't 'do' rain she was a good girl :) She got 9th in a huge C6-7 jumping class on Sunday despite the weather.

Brodie ran clear three out of four times over the weekend and was just out of the placings again in a couple of classes. I'm actually most pleased with the one I mucked up (silly handler!) as I managed to layer weaves from miles away - clever Brodie! Brooke came rounds the rings with us again and enjoyed taking it all in and watching the action.

Well done to Jackie and her lovely spaniel Mr George who won into Grade 4 at Rugby!! Also congrats to Caroline and Bobby for their 4th in a big jumping class :)

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  1. Yes, those wet cloth tunnels are a nightmare for the smaller dogs. Sounds like you had some lovely runs :)