Thursday, 28 July 2011

Brooke and Rommy play date :)

Brooke went round to play at someones house yesterday! She absolutely LOVED Rommy who is a very handsome blue merle sheltie who is almost one. They played great chase games round the garden but it was the naughty lil minx chasing Rommy in HIS garden!!

I am having slight issues finding a harness that sits well on Brooke at the moment. She is currently in Brodies Rogz puppy one which isn't great (partly as its blue and everyone thinks she is a boy!) but at least its not tight round her 'armpits' like the green one was getting. I've also tried an ezy-dog one on her but as she is quite narrow across her chest it slips from side to side too much. I'm sure its just a lanky stage she is going through but any ideas gratefully received for a long narrow puppy!!


  1. You have to whisper into Brooke's ear that Rommy is the wrong colour! LOL They are having so much fun chasing. Go the girl!

    Re harness, power harness is the best or that similar type as it won't go around the ampits. I found most harnesses aren't good for the shelties because of the chest area and the ampits.

  2. He He He little madam :)

    I had probs with Ellie being so small - she has one like the green one you have.